Get a jump start on spring color by planting bulbs this fall. Here are some handy planting tips from the American Association of Nurserymen.

  1. Plan for Continuous Color. Many bulbs only bloom for a few weeks, so base your selections not only on their color, but also on the time they’ll bloom and the colors of the other bulbs that will be blooming at the same time. Select some early bloomers, some mid-spring, and some that will flower later in the year.
  2. Group Plants Informally. High impact gardens usually include a minimum of two dozens bulbs of each type grouped together. When grouping bulbs, arrange them in an oval or triangular shape. This creates a natural, relaxed look, as though the garden simply sprang up on its own.
  3. Remember to place the taller plants in the back and leave pathways so you’ll have access to your plants.
  4. Plant bulbs before the first deep frost, preferably in an area receiving plenty of sun. Though each bulb varies, most will require a bed 6-8 inches deep. Add sand or peat and replace the loose soil until the depth is correct for your bulbs. Place each bulb with the point facing up, and space them 5-6 inches apart. Cover the bulbs with the remaining soil and water thoroughly.