Moles and voles are rodents that live underground and are very rarely seen except for the damage that they do. They feed on grubs, earthworms and other insects and also the roots of plants. All of this causes damage to the lawn by severing roots and raising sod levels. Sometimes it looks like someone took a garden hose and laid it out on the lawn in a twisting trail. They overwinter along the foundation of houses, paver patios and walkways, and boulder walls because these places are warmed by the sun and will hold the heat. They are territorial, so they leave in the spring, go to the big woods or fields and come back in the fall with their families! The best way to control moles and voles is to eliminate their food, namely grubs and earthworms to some extent. Repellents applied in the fall work great. We use, and sell, Bonide Mole Max, which also works well for mice. Any damage done can be fixed with a little top soil and some good grass seed.