To decide when to plant seeds inside for transplanting outdoors, first determine the average last frost date at your garden site. This can range from May 2 in the southeastern metro to June 11 in the Brainerd area and can vary a week or more depending on conditions. Next, check the back of the seed package for the time seedlings need to grow to transplant stage. Back out the number of weeks from the last frost date and you’ll know when to start growing your seeds. If in doubt, wait a few days. It’s better to start late than too early, since plants should go outside as soon as they are big enough. Be sure to ‘harden off’ your little plants gradually in outdoor conditions by setting containers out for several days for just a few hours each day. Choose a sheltered, partially shaded place when air temperatures are above 50 degrees. Keep both air and soil temperature in mind when choosing a day to plant your seedlings in to the ground. Try for an overcast day with minimal wind and do your planting in the late afternoon or early evening.

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