Houseplant care during the winter can be a little trickier, but it sure doesn’t have to be complicated! Because winter temps are colder, the air is dryer and sunlight is more limited, we need to give our plants a little extra TLC during this time.

* Houseplants do not like being exposed to the cold. They need a layer of protection just like we do. Be sure to use a plant sleeve if transporting them outside.

* Consider adding a humidifier in your home, if you don’t already have one.

* Make sure no leaves are touching any windows and your heat vents aren’t blowing air directly onto your plants.

* Save the task of transplanting to a larger pot until the spring, summer or early fall. Because your plants aren’t actively growing during the winter, doing so now could stress them out.

* Be sure to fertilize your houseplants in the spring when they are actively growing again.